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Military and Veteran Affairs Committee

The 33rd Administration, under the leadership of Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, implemented new initiatives to propel and sustain the fraternity’s growth. During the 82nd Grand Chapter meeting 4th business session, held August 15, 2015, New Orleans, LA, Grand Polemarch Battles asked the body to ratify his creation of a Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs. Kappa Alpha Psi Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs was established with the goal of the Commission to offer programs and services related to the needs of Veterans. Veterans have made an important contribution to the community by their service in the Armed Forces of this Nation, and Kappa Alpha Psi is committed to showing its commitment and support for all of its brothers who have served.

Mission Statement

  • Recognize military members and veterans for their military and public service

  • Establish outreach programs to inform Veterans about benefit, support youth, and military mentoring programs

  • Provide assistance/support to family members

  • Get an accurate count of SAAC veterans. We tend to focus on retirees, but there are many more who served and did not stay for retirement. They are veterans too.

  • Develop bios with pics for awards packages and various other short-notice IHQ SWP requirements

  • Connect with local Veterans groups:

    • American Legion

    • DAV

    • Air Force Assn.

    • Association of the US Army

    • VFW

    • MOAA, etc. ....

  • ID Service Branch Representative leads:

    • Army

    • Navy/Marines

    • Air Force/Space Force

    • Coast Guard

  • Medical and financial benefits and issues. The focus is on communication, assistance, and the continuance of the unique military service connection within our fraternity

Committee Members

  • Robert W. Ratcliffe, Chairman

  • William Barnes

  • Dr. Nicholas Cormier, Jr.

  • Dr. Torrys J. Johnson

  • Kirk A. Reed

  • Namond Travis

  • Richard A. Wilson

  • Dr. Howard Anderson

  • Jimmy Chambers

  • Anthony E. Hargrove

  • Michael S. Pitts

  • Charles J. Shedrick

  • M. Todd Williams

  • André Woodard

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